The story begins in the summer of 2001 during another fabulous year hanging with friends in our favorite resort town known as Ocean Beach, New York.

We created this is a one-off gift to our friends.  Alas, the group got older, the blankets got softer with each wash. As the years went by these USA made and inspired blankets helped raise our friends and their families. 

However, the product became expensive to produce state side, and the product was no longer available. As fate would have it, AD, the founder, was stuck inside during the Covid lockdown, and like most people started to clean house, when all of a sudden, the original bandana blanket falls from the top shelf and reappears as good as new, 22 years later. This was a defining moment – and 3 months later, the Bandana Blanket was officially reborn in the summer of 2021.

During the crisis, bandanas were everywhere. We decided to re-imagine the original but with a more functional and colorful twist. 

Designed with fashion, comfort and special built-in features that make it more functional. There is more to the bandana blanket than meets the eye. Cloth ties for sand anchoring, matching carry-bags for style and on-the-go convenience, and a pre-washed softness out of the bag. Try yours today.

Local girls on bandana blanket